Russian Bar

Show Details: 6-8 minutes, 3 performers

Skills: Russian Bar, acrobatics

The talented performers are the only ones in Australia to perform the Russian Bar, a highflying, spectacular 3-person act.   Performed with a 1950’s spin; high pants, suspenders, and hats the performers playfully interact and manipulate this unique piece of equipment.  

The full potential of the Russian Bar is discovered as the strong bases gracefully throw the flyer up to 7m in the air, where acrobatic moves are performed, before landing balanced perfectly on the bar. This act is sure to amaze any audience as they watch the trio move in total unison, as a well oiled machine.

*The Russian Bar is simply a pole 10 cm thick, 5 m long, with padding in the middle and on the ends.  

Performance Requirements:
Minimum 6m x 5m stage space
Minimum 7.5m ceiling height
Hard, flat and level stage surface
Lighting and safety time is required (15min – 1hr depending on entrance/exit lighting available and stage size)

Performed by: James Brown, Casey Douglas, Christian Schoonveldt-Reid

Performances: All shows and roving characters by this artist.