One Up

Show Details: Show or Roving

Skills: Adagio, acrobatics

One Up is a spectacular adagio routine. Beautiful lifts, exciting throws, flips and somersaults, combined with power tricks usually reserved for duo male acts.

Set to a vintage soundtrack, a throwback to circus' of old full of contemporary skills, brought to you by two artists who have performed around the world, with a combined performance career of over 20 years.

“They put on terrific performances all day, and drew great crowds around Federation Square. The Northern Territory ministers and Chief Minister were very impressed with them too! I'd have them along to another event in a second.”

* Available as a 6-8 minute show or as roving sets.

* Different costumes available to suit corporate or family based events.

Performance History:
Some recent events performed at include:
* Southside Show @ Red Bennies
* Le Petit Circus @ Adelaide Fringe Festival
* Street Circus @ National Folk Festival
* Long Walk @ Federation Square

Performance Requirements:
Minimum 5m wide x 3m deep performance space
Minimum 5m height clearance
PA system

Performed by: Amy Nightingale-Olsen and Elena Kirschbaum