Anthony De Masi Master of Sleight of Hand

Performance Type: Roving

Skills: Magic, sleight of hand, card tricks, money magic, animal magic

Anthony DeMasi has everything an entertainer should have: high energy, an infectious laugh, an engaging personality, and a never ending bag of incredible magic tricks. Whether the job calls for a sophisticated entertainer to performer highly skilled card tricks for a corporate cocktail party, or a larger-than-life character to invade a dead party and kick start it into life, Anthony DeMasi is the man!

Anthony travels the world performing his highly interactive and totally baffling magic and is as much at home amongst world weary executives as he is in front of their "seen-it-all-before" kids. Whether you hire Anthony DeMasi, Luigi Zucchini, David Copperart, The Prankster, or one of his many other roving characters, you can be sure your guests will be thanking you.

Australian & international companies have sourced Anthony’s entertainment to make their events a magical success. Over the last 12 years he has performed at every major event including the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch Relay, The Australian Tennis Open, and the Formula One Grand Prix & AFL grand finals.

Performed by: Anthony De Masi