2 Times

Show/Act Name: 2 Times

Show Details: 6-8 minutes, 2 performers

Skills: Adagio, hand balancing

2 times is a very popular corporate duo routine that incorporates adagio and hand balancing to showcase the human body, creating remarkable shapes and images that will leave the audience questioning, what is really possible?

The artists acrobatically balance themselves and each other, while performing incredible feats of human strength, agility and flexibility. The performers effortlessly move through seemingly impossible positions while maintaining perfect balance and precision.

2 Times have performed across the globe including the UK, Europe, Asia, India and Dubai to name a few. They are regularly seen at high end corporate events.

Performance Requirements:
Minimum 4m x 4m stage space
Minimum 4.5m ceiling height

Performed by: James Brown, Casey Douglas

Performances: All shows and roving characters by this artist.