Wicked Wizardess

Performance Type: Roving
Skills: Stilt walking, character work

The ultimate fairytale fantasy. The Wicked Wizardess appeals to both boys and girls. The subtle ice-queen evilness provides an atmosphere to fit in with any event. The large wired costume accentuates the stilts, to bring the character larger than life.

As seen on Neighbours.

The Wicked Wizardess is performed by Philli Anderson, a highly skilled performer whose experience has led her to work with top directors, producers and marketing companies around the globe, creating either pre-existing or bespoke characters as required.

Performance History:
Some events Philli has recently performed at include:
* Kohler Product Launch @ Crown Casino
* A Midsummer Nights Dream @ Botanic Gardens
* Discovery Day 2010 @ Cruden Farm
* ANZ Masquerade Cocktail Party @Atlantic, Docklands
* Run for the Kids 2010 @ Alexandra Gardens
* Harry Potter Feature Film
* A day In Pompei @ Melbourne Museum
* Rush - Channel 10
* BMW Annual Awards @ Royal Opera House, London
* City Homicide - Channel 7
* Neighbours - Channel 10
* Wrangler - Worldwide Tour
To name but a few…

Performed by: Philli Anderson
Performances: All shows and roving characters by this artist.