Show Details: 20-45 minutes, 1 performer

Skills: Unicycle, juggling, ladder walking, acrobatics

Simon Wright performs an amazing interactive circus show that has thrilled audiences of all ages across Australia with his skills on one wheel.  Acrobatics, juggling knives and all while precariously balancing on a 10 foot unicycle.  Laughs and surprising skills await you with this first class show.

“Simon Wright passed the test with distinction when he stripped to Blurred Lines on a two metre high unicycle. Next time you’re riding your bike, try taking your pants off while continually pedalling. Incredible!”
- Vanssea Mercieca (National Folk Festival 2014)

“That entertainer (Simon Wright) was amazing."
-  Elaine (Eltham Festival Coordinator)

* Show length can be either 20, 30 or 45 minutes long

Simon Wright is a graduate of the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) and was one of the main roles in the ABC circus TV series “Hoopla Doopla”.  

Performance Requirements:
* Minimum 4m x 4m stage space
* Minimum 3m height clearance
* Solid, flat, smooth stage surface (not grass or gravel)
* Performer can supply self-contained amp and headset microphone

Performed by: Simon Wright