Tinkle and Plonk

Performance Details: 8 minutes, 2 performers

Skills: Adagio, acrobatics, comedy

This highly entertaining duo adagio show stars two unlikely balance partners. Plonk, an extremely strong man who is oh so sensitive and Tinkle, a dim witted ta-da girl who has something of a temper.

The act is a satire of typical traditional circus, complete with bright red lycra outfits, a tutu and brilliant cheesy music. The pair manages to put their differences aside long enough to accomplish some incredible acrobatics. Plonk balances tinkle in a handstand, on his head and in one hand. The show is traditional circus with a hint of burlesque, a splash of comedy and just a dash of cheerleading…. Something for everybody, really.

*Tinkle and Plonk are also available as roving entertainment.

Performance Requirements:
Stage space of 4m x 4m
Ceiling height of 4m

Performed by: Malia Walsh, Shannon McGurgan