Charlie the Cheeky Christmas Elf

Show Details: 30 minutes, 2 performers

Skills: Magic, sleight of hand, animal magic

Set against a palette of red and silver, this magic show for the festive season contains all the hallmarks of excellence you’ve come
to expect from masters of mystery Elio Simonetti and Eva Salleh.

The Christmas themed illusions are astonishing. Animals appear out of thin air, money is found invisibly lingering amongst the audience, and decorations behave in a most extraordinary manner.

Add a touch of magic to your Christmas event!

Elio & Eva  have been together since 1994. They have performed in every state throughout Australia, as well as across the world in countries such as China, Greece, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK, Ireland & France. In addition to thousands of live performances, they have written, directed and produced shows, all with unparalleled success. Elio and Eva are truly in a class of their own.

Performed by: Elio Simonetti, Eva Salleh