Tailor Made Fire Shows

Shows can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, incorporating themes, stylizations and any of our vast skills in circus, stilt walking, magic, puppetry, fire and more. Shows can be performed with our own live drummers, other live bands, or to pre-recorded soundtracks as requested.

Cirque Mystique's Fire Safety Code

The non-pyrotechnic fire industry is currently unregulated. Hence there are many unsafe fire performers causing much damage in this field. Cirque Mystique takes the issue of safety very seriously & has designed its own regulations based upon those lade out for the pyrotechnics industry.

Cirque Mystique will supply a minimum of one (1+) fire safety marshal/s (at their own cost) for any set performance. Our Fire Safety Marshal's are trained in fire safety, first aid and crowd control. Cirque Mystique will only perform within the safety parameters set up for each individual job and will cease performing if there is danger to person's property or venue. Cirque Mystique carries fire safety equipment in the form of: fire blankets, extinguisher (AB, E) and high-pressure water pump spray.

All Cirque Mystique performers carry $20,000,000 Public Liability Insurance, and are proud to boast perfect safety histories. For more information please contact our head fire safety officer and trained pyrotechnician on the details below.

David Leach
0421 851 886