Shifting Heights

Show Details: 6 minutes, 2 performers

Skills: Adagio, acrobatics

An act of masculine strength and flexibility. The act has a statuesque quality with the control and movement shown by the performers. Beginning with slow unfolding sequences to build to a greater height of skill and dynamic changes. The pair explore the space above, below and around each other and contort into exquisite shapes and holds. Both performers unleash explosive power to lift from the ground and create an atmosphere of awe and impressive beauty.

Brett Franzi and Dion del Pino are graduates of the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA). They have performed together at numerous events and trained in adagio at prestigious circus schools in China.

Performance History:
* CODA @ National Institute of Circus Arts
Boylesque @ Greyhound Hotel
Mr Leatherman Competition @ The Laird
Circus Night @ Burlesque Bar
King Kong Live on Stage @ Regent Theatre
Perth Fringe Festival

Performance Requirements:
* 3m x 3m performance space
* 4m height clearance
* Sound system

Performed by: Brett Franzi and Dion del Pino

Promotional Video: Video on Request