Richard Vegas Up Close

Performance Type:
Roving Magic

Magic, sleight of hand, card tricks, conjuring, mentalism

Richard Vegas combines magic's rich traditions with the edgy realism of street magic to create a highly entertaining and compelling brand of performance. With over twelve years professional experience, ten years at Star City Casino and now Crown Casino's "preferred magician for VVIP calibre events", Richard Vegas is trusted by the best.

“Unquestionable talent ... expert sleight of hand ... and illusion”
– Buzzcuts

“A class act .... astonishing, ... great magic and great theatre.”
– Stage Whispers

Richard Vegas' close up magic is interactive, entertaining, intimate, astonishing and personal. It is an exciting and skillful form of entertainment and is performed as he mingles with the guests and moves through the room or the function. Ideal for all social occasions including; cocktail functions, corporate events, trade fairs, private parties and wedding receptions. With spectacular card magic, conjuring, tricks of the mind, sleight of hand, levitations and illusions, mind reading and tricks of perception and suggestion, Richard Vegas creates a truly memorable experience that will leave guests astonished, bemused, amused and thoroughly entertained.

In 2008 Richard was engaged by Coca Cola to create and perform customised magic to market and promote "Coke Zero" for a national touring campaign. Richard Vegas is one of the most sought after close up magicians in Australia and is a regular consultant for magic, entertainment and marketing solutions.

Richard Vegas has over 12 years of magic experience including ten years at Star City Casino and now Crown Casino's "preferred magician for VVIP calibre events." Richard has also performed in Berlin, Japan, Hong Kong and throughout Australia.