Pyjama Man

Show Details: 5 minute show, 1 performer

Skills: Clowning

Pyjama Man enjoys classical music, a good book, and most of all, a quiet evening spent with his two favourite things.  The only thing that stands in his way is his radio, it goes to static whenever he tries to read.  As he tries to outsmart the radio, manoeuvring himself into uncomfortable positions, the radio takes on a life of its own.  It thwarts his every try, pestering him with annoying pop songs from other stations.  Will he ever get to just read his book?

This show is unexpectedly comical and offers a great character to your event.  Pyjama Man is happy to rove beforehand and to interact with the audience.  If your event is in need of some added humour, this act is for you.

* Please note: A technician (provided) must have access to the sound system and have a clear sight line to the performance.  The performer must have knowledge beforehand of the sound input for the system (i.e. RCA jack, headphone jack, or ¼ inch jack).

Performed by: Matthew Anderson