Puppet Antics

Skills: Puppetry, comedy, audience interaction

Prepare for fun, laughter and mayhem as seven of the cutest, lovable and interactive characters romp around your event and into everyone’s hearts. These quirky puppets are tailored to actively engage diverse age groups and audiences so no one misses out. Fantastic puppet fun for everyone!

Stampy the Elephant
Stampy is a cute baby elephant on his first outing from the zoo. He loves to cuddle, tickle kids and search for peanuts! Stampy is a quiet puppet perfect for toddlers and shy kids, his antics also gets plenty of laughs from older viewers.

Vern the Bird
Vern is a lovable, cheeky and mischievous bird. Children love to pat her, stroke her beautiful feathers and tickle her under the chin – Vern is VERY ticklish. She is always well behaved when her owner is looking but the mischief she gets up to when he’s not will leave everyone laughing at her naughty antics. Vern is perfect for audiences old and young. *Vern is an Axtell Puppet.

Larry the Lama
Larry is a hyper active dancing lama who likes to boogie, chew EVERYTHING… and sometimes he is extra naughty and spits (water) on people! Larry is very popular (particularly in the summer months!) with adults and kids alike. He is particularly good for interacting and engaging highly active children.

Ralph the Dog
Ralph may not be the smartest dog around but what he lacks in brains he makes up for in enthusiasm. He generates squeals of delight as chases after people, happily licking everyone in sight. Ralph’s true talent however is that he is a circus trained, ‘Plate Spinning Dog’. Yes Ralph does a variety of real plate spinning tricks and he can actually teach his audience a few tricks too! Ralph combines puppetry with the art of plate spinning allowing children to actively learn from him as well as being impressed by his skills. Perfect for family audiences.

Ikis the Crystal Snake
Ikis prides himself on being a very realistic puppet snake that has the ability to charm and manipulate crystal balls. Ikis loves a hug from the bold at heart but is also happy to be watched and amaze people with his wondrous skills. Ikis combines puppetry with the majestic art of contact juggling (crystal manipulation) and is guaranteed to startle and amaze any audience. Suitable for adults and children over 12 years. Ikis only comes out on client request as even puppet snakes can be scary.

Fluff the Magic Dragon
A cheeky fun dragon who gets up to mischief and there is no delicately way to put this…he fluffs.

Bruce the Shark
Bruce is a lovable vegetarian shark - who is defiantly not the shark from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’. In fact Bruce is convinced that he isn’t a shark at all – He thinks he is ‘Arial the little mermaid’…whatever you do don’t ask him to sing! Bruce despite his delusions and supposed vegetarianism still seems to have swallowed a lot of strange items. These items seem to get coughed up with comic regularity, encouraging kids to delightedly retrieve bazaar objects and tentatively feed them back to him. Bruce the quirky shark is good for engaging kids of about five years plus.

All of the above puppets are puppeteered by David Leach who has many years of puppetry experience including working with the ‘William May Corporation’ (Producers of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe’ etc) on general performances since 2003. David also has performed over 700 children’s puppet shows at “Hocus Pocus Puppets” were he was a resident puppeteer for four years.

* Please Note: Depending on the duration of your event and / or audience demographic, some puppets may not be performed. Under these circumstances the entertainer will choose at his discretion the most appropriate puppets for the event. Special requests are of course accommodated wherever possible so please specify if a particular puppet is a ‘must have’ for your function.

Performed by: David Leach