Persephone Greek Goddess

Performance Type: Roving

Skills: Living statue, mime

This classic statue with flowing lines and perfect marble curves will invoke the elegance, beauty and artistry of ancient times. Perfect for garden settings to grand buildings Persephone the Greek Goddess never fails to amaze and delight.

Persephone the Greek Goddess is performed by highly experienced statue artist Kyra Smith, who performs both locally and internationally.

Performance History:
Cirque Cinq – Hong Kong
Deaf Olympics – Melbourne
Edinburgh Arts Festival – Edinburgh, Scotland
Ghent Fiesten – Ghent, Belgium
Off Merce – Barcelona, Spain
Pflaster Spektakle, Lintz, Switzerland
Adelaide Arts Festival – Adelaide
Port Fairy Folk Festival – Port Fairy
Moomba – Melbourne
Waiting at the Royal – Channel 9 Telemovie

Performed by: Kyra Smith