Muscle Bound

Performance Details: 6 minutes, 2 performers

Skills: Adagio, acrobatics, comedy

Muscle Bound is an acrobatic duo that exhibits extreme power in a most effortless and graceful way. Farhad balances on Shannon in ways that seem like magic if they weren’t performed right in front of you.

This includes a headstand on head, a handstand on hands and a hanging side planch off one arm. This duo has 20 years experience and is adaptable to almost any theme.

* Also available as a roving adagio duo.

Performance History:
Some recent events performed at include:
* Grand Prix Ball
* Album Launch for the band Clinkerfield
* Opera Circus @ Melbourne Convention Centre
* Hollywood Heartthrobs @ Carlton Crest Hotel
* Sandringham Football Club

Performance Requirements:
Stage space of 4 x 3m
Ceiling height of 4.5m

Performed by: Shannon McGurgan & Farhad Ahadi