Mojo the Clown

Performance Type: Roving or Show

Skills: Magic, clowning, ballooning, comedy, song & dance

One cheeky clown, littlies ask to take him home, adults revisit their childhood, and teenagers want to hang with him. Things go wrong when bystanders help with magic, justifiably they get the blame, but it always turns out splendidly. Being a corporate magician, his magic tricks are strong, but fun.  Balloon animals, stilt walking, cheeky songs, award winning poetry and imagination exercises. Find out why they send him all across Australia and overseas (apparently there’s nobody funny over there).

Mojo the Clown is a highly talented, multi skilled entertainer with fantastic comedic routines. For infectious laughter, ask for Mojo the Clown. Mojo doesn't say he's the best, others do.

Performance Options:
* Roving entertainment (including stilt walking on request)
* Show (30 or 40 minute magic & circus show)

Performed by: Simon Meates