Margarita Enchilada

Skills: Hula hooping, plate spinning, juggling, ballooning, pocket magic, comedy

If you are thinking festival carnivale with a twist, "Margarita Enchilada" is your girl.  Performed by the experienced circus all rounder Sam Starr, Margarita is a charming, bubbly, lovable and highly skilled modern day Carmen Miranda. 

She will make the kids giggle and squeal with delight over her pocket magic tricks and wow audiences big and small with her precision hula hooping skills!  Add plate spinning, juggling, balloons and hysterical comedy and you have "Margarita Enchilada". 

Perfect for festivals, shopping centres and parties.  Also available as a stage show - 6 mins skilled hoops to music track, or 30 min interactive kids show.

Margarita Enchilada is performed by Sam Starr who has been enjoying a successful career in performing arts for the past ten and a half years. With a killer smile, a natural way with children and a genuinely friendly approach Sam Starr leaves a fabulous imprint on large and small audiences of large and small people.

Performed by: Sam Starr
Performances: All shows and roving characters by this artist.