Show Details: 12-15minutes, 2 or 4 performers

Skills: Staff and poi manipulation, adagio, contact juggling, hula hooping

Experience the true essence of fluorescence with this visually stunning performance. Fully choreographed this incredible show combines glow technology with circus skills and movement, further enhanced by striking costumes and enchanting music. Watch as artists spin and weave in the darkness with their high tech glow equipment, leaving behind beautiful images and trails of colour. From fluid hula hooping to mesmerizing crystals and glowing human balances let your senses be guided by the beauty and flow of the Luminescence experience.

* 2 person Glow/UV Show = 10-12 minute
* 4 person Glow/UV Show = 15 minutes
* Show durations can be adjusted to suit your event

Performance Requirements:
Minimum 6m x 6m stage space
Minimum 4m ceiling height
One power source for UV lights (UV lights supplied by performers)

Performed by: David Leach, Jo Murdoch, Tjoni Johansen, Chris Carlos