Liquid Flame Fire Show

Show Details: 12 minutes, 1 performer

Skills: Fire eating, fire manipulation and martial arts

Combining the strength and grace of martial arts with powerful fire artistry, Liquid Flame will captivate your audience and add the “wow” factor to any event.  

With years of experience in the fire performance industry, Liquid Flame is a spectacular display of high level fire skills including fire eating, fire poi, double staff, blades, fire fans and fire swords. Adding to this incredible fire show is the dynamic and captivating choreography, influenced by the martial art Goju Ryu.

Liquid Flame is performed by Brendan Angelo, a seasoned fire dancer that has performed at corporate and private events Australia wide. Venues include Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, St Brigid's Hall, Manor on High, Alumbra, Abbotsford Convent, Shepparton Showgrounds, Thornbury Theatre and more. Brendan is a black belt in Karate-do Goju Ryu.

Performance Requirements:
Minimum 5m x 5m stage space
Minimum 4m ceiling height
PA system

Performed by: Brendan Angelo

Promotional Video: