Laurie Faulkner

Roving Name:
Laurie Faulkner

Skills: Face painting, temporary tattoos, body art, bollywood henna

Roving Blurb:
Transforming faces & bodies, Laurie has been delighting children and adults alike for over a decade.  Watch as the magic of colour changes your form.  Magical masks, fairy princesses, tribal tattoos, henna delights - if the skin is the canvass, then Laurie is your artist.

Moving from fine arts to body art, now using the skin for her canvass, Laurie’s roots in body art are in the mystical art of henna.  With close to 14 years experience in skin art, Laurie has extended herself to offer anything from full body art for fashion catwalks & theatre, through to the ever inspiring arena of children’s and adult face painting.  Her creativity is a delight for onlookers and participants alike.  

Whether your occasion is themed for: corporate logos, jungles, masquerades, bollywood, arabian nights, gypsy caravans, saints & sinners, monsters & princesses, aliens & UFO’s, challenge Laurie’s creativity and she won’t disappoint.

When occasions call for fantasy & colour, Laurie delights in theming her presentation to match the occasion.  With an array of colourful saris and wardrobe changes, she prides herself on a theatrical presentation as well as a skill base in her craft to mesmerize & dazzle.  

Her talents have taken her to corporate launches, children’s parties, Bar Mitzvah’s, 21st’s, 40th’s, 50th’s, weddings, engagements, university events, fashion parades, theatre productions, magazine shoots, commercial shoots and the possibilities are limitless.

Performed by: Laurie Faulkner
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