Kat Kontortions

Kat was blessed with a body that bends, twists and moulds into shapes that most of us wouldn't imagine attempting in our wildest dreams. Kat will wow audiences as she contorts her body into those incredible shapes and poses.

Kat has spent years honing her skills to become one of Melbourne’s most flexible performers. She brings beauty, flexibility and artistic flair with her contortion act which can be moulded to suit any theme or event.

Kat is also available as a roving performer usually 2-3, 15 minute sets in a 1 hour period.

Performance History:
Some notable recent events Kat has performed at include:
* Crown 10 Year Staff Party @ Crown Casino 
* City Homicide, new television series 
* South Gippsland wine and food festival 
* Nova 100 launch party 
* Cadbury Schweppes ‘Game On’ conference 
* Volvo Around the world Ball 
* Australian Open Tennis Dinner 
* Grand Prix
* To name a few ……

Performed by: Kat Brooke