Ikis the Crystal Charming Snake

Skills: Puppetry, contact juggling (crystal manipulation)

Ikis, the crystal charming friendly snake will dazzle you with his hypnotic abilities.

Combines puppetry with the majestic art of contact juggling (crystal manipulation), Ikis the crystal-charming snake is guaranteed to startle and amaze any audience.

Ikis prides himself on being a very realistic puppet snake that has the ability to charm and manipulate crystal balls. Ikis loves a hug from the bold at heart but is also happy to be watched and amaze people with his wondrous skills. Suitable for adults and children12 years and up.

Ikis the crystal charming snake is puppeteered by David Leach who has many years of puppetry experience including working with the ‘William May Corporation’ (Producers of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe’ etc) on general performances since 2003. David also has performed over 700 children’s puppet shows at “Hocus Pocus Puppets” were he was a resident puppeteer for four years.

Performed by: David Leach