High Flying Teeterboard

Show Details: 5 minutes, 2 or 3 performers

Skills: Teeterboard (Korean Plank), acrobatics, tumbling

An incredible twist on a commonly seen playground apparatus. Watch and be amazed as the acrobats take to the stage, and jump on either side of the board doing combinations of twists and somersaults, incredible shapes and double back flips! The performers soar meters into the air with ease and grace landing right back onto the plank!

The teeter board was originally a cultural activity performed at festivals in Korea in colourful costumes by local girls. They popularised the style of landing tricks back onto the board, which is why it is often called the Korean Plank.

Tom, Callan and Will are NICA graduates and have performed for a number of high profile clients including Coca Cola, Wonderland Speigeltent, Crown Casino and more.

Performance Requirements:
Minimum 10m length x 4m deep performance space
Minimum 7 meters height clearance (to lowest hanging object)

Performed by:
Tom Gorham and Cal Harris (Duo)
Tom Gorham, Cal Harris, Will Meager (Trio)

Promotional Video: http://youtu.be/w49rb19oyp8