Gary and Linda

Performance Details: Show or Roving

Skills: Adagio, acrobatics, 80’s aerobics, comedy

Be encouraged to get fit for an 80’s summer with Garry and Linda. This duo will have you dusting off your high-top Reeboks and sweatbands and joining in with their energetic 80’s aerobics routines. Then be impressed as athletic Garry lifts nimble Linda into a variety of sports inspired balances.

* Available as a 5-10 minute show or roving sets
* Also available as a trio

Performance History:
This energetic duo has recently been seen at:
P&O @ Pacific Sun Cruises
Easter Celebrations @ Thredbo Ski Resort
Jindabyne Flood Relief @ Jindabyne
AIME Tradeshow @ Melbourne Exhibition Centre


Performed by: Adam and Jessica Davis