Circus Trick Tease Show

Show Details: 1 hour, 3 performers

Skills: Duo adagio, triple adagio, acrobatics, swing dance, hand balancing, character work, comedy

This highly entertaining 1940's inspired acrobat show is not just circus. It´s a tale of comedy, drama, love and broken hearts. The show consists of one radically strong man, one international handstand expert and a small yet feisty girl. Together, they play out their chaotic roles in dazzling displays of acrobatics, precarious balances, gratuitous headstands and a human skipping rope! Be amazed as the trio balance effortlessly on each other’s hands, head and feet.

Watch as this tight-knit unit comes undone and backstage antics erupt into recrimination & mayhem. The only thing that holds them together is an understanding that the show must go on. This incredible show if full of comedy, laughs and high caliber circus skills… a show to impress any audience.   

“This may not be Cirque du Soleil but it does come pretty close. A trio of unique performers take centre stage and boast an hour of bizarre body entanglements, death defying acts and unexpected dance to a great, sensual soundtrack.

As the audience, you are held to attention at every single moment, and with an original outdoor circus theme you will feel like you're actually in the show. No matter what your interests, you will walk away amazed, chin to the floor and wanting to see more. This show truly is a tease.”
- Adelaide Advertiser

Winner of the 2008 Melbourne Fringe Festival ACAPTA award.

*Available in a shorter length version on request.

Performance Requirements:
Minimum 7m x 7m stage space
Minimum 7m ceiling height

Performed by: Shannon McGurgan, Malia Walsh and Farhad Ahadi