Bounce Juggler

Show Details: 5 minutes, 1 performer

Skills: Bounce Juggle

This mesmerising juggling act that will have audiences enthralled. Odette bounce juggles eight balls with wit, skill and grace to a great soundtrack.

Odette is one of Australia’s premier bounce jugglers and a graduate of Australia’s premier youth company - The Flying Fruit Fly Circus. Odette concentrated on Bounce Juggle as her specialty.

During her time with the Flying Fruit Fly Circus Odette performed in numerous shows and corporate gigs, delighting audiences with her juggling skills and captivating stage presence.

In 2013 Odette trained at the Beijing International Art School to further enhance her repertoire of juggle skills. In 2014 Odette finished a season at the Adelaide Fringe in the show "Turning in Time".

Performance Requirements:
* Minimum 2m x 2m performance space
* Solid, flat surface to perform on

Performed by: Odette Robbins