Bottle Flaring and Meteor Manipulation Show

Performance Details: 8-10 minutes, 1 performer

Skills: Meteor (spinning bowls), wine bottle flaring/balancing on spatula, juggling, mime, comedy, audience interaction

Bottle Flaring/Balancing
A wine bottle and a wooden spoon are two ordinary items that can be made to do some extraordinary things. With masterful character work and incredible skills he flips and catches the bottle on the end of the wooden spoon. In the finale he even throws a ball into the mix with impressive results. Tully’s high impact material and comedy routine is not to be missed.

Meteor Master
Tully' incredible skill’s involve a 7-ft. length of rope with glittering weights attached to each end (meteor). He dazzles the crowd as he playfully twirls the meteor above and around his body at high speeds. Tully then launches the meteor into the air smiling at the crowd the whole while, until he catches them and resumes spinning without slowing the pace! Tully’s masterful ability with a meteor make for a spectacular display.

Tully has been a circus performer for over 7 years, originally starting out with the Fruit Flying Circus which took him all across the world. Since then Tully has continued to perform earning respect and admiration for his impressive circus abilities and character work.

Performance History: 
Some of the recent events Tully has performed at include:
* Luna Park Holiday Carnival @ Luna Park, Sydney 
* Cardinia Business Awards @ Cardinia Cultural Centre 
* Australia's Got Talent @ Channel 7 
* Northlands VIP Night @ Northlands Shopping Centre 
* Mother’s Day Classic Fun Run @ Alexandra Gardens 
* Barmitzfa @ RMIT, Melbourne 
* Angus & Robertson Product Launch @ BMW Edge 
* Breast Cancer Ball @ Grand Hyatt 
* Opening of Junior World Taekwondo Championships @ The Arena 
* To name a few….

Performance Requirements: 
Minimum 4m x 4m stage space
Minimum 4m ceiling height

Performed by: Tully Fedorowjtsch