Benny Blitz and the Circus Mania Show

Performance Type:

Show Details:
30 minutes, 1 performer

Juggling, unicycling, hat manipulation, magic, comedy

The 30 minute Circus Mania Show features high class juggling, comedy and magic. Masterfully controlling a bowler hat, cigar boxes, and 5 balls, through to a basketball, tennis racquet and apple. Benny gets the kids in on the act, who throw him juggling props as he 'struggles' to keep up. The kids also participate in baffling magic tricks, as balls seem to be multiplying in their hands! The show peaks with a stunning finale - juggling 3 large knives or fire torches on a 5-foot tall unicycle! (or 3 clubs on a normal sized unicycle for smaller settings).

The Circus Mania Show is particularly suitable for festivals, community events, family fun days and birthday parties. Birthday Party Package: Consists of an extra special balloon creation for the birthday child, the Circus Mania Show, followed by advanced balloon sculptures for each child at the party. Entertainment ranges from 1-2 hours, depending on the number of children attending the party. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Benny Blitz also provides highly skilled roving characters, showcasing unicycling, juggling or balloon twisting for corporate events, parties and festivals. Performance History Ben has over 14 years of juggling & theatre experience, performing for television, corporations, festivals, preschools, primary schools, high schools, universities, comedy clubs, children's and adults parties.

Performed by: Benjamin Colman