Ben Murphy On My Own

Performance Details:
30 or 40 minutes, 1 performer

Magic, comedy

Known around the world for his ability to engage an audience and bring laughter to any room just by standing alone onstage, Ben Murphy’s “ON MY OWN” is the perfect entertainment for any event, large or small anywhere in the world.

Ben Murphy will have your audience laughing the moment he greets them with witty one liners and some seriously out of this world magic that will have you blown away and just wondering how on earth it could be achieved without any assistant or special staging.

* You will be left dumfounded as a borrowed mobile/cell phone is absorbed inside of a balloon then to vanish and appear inside of a sealed can of baked beans held by an audience member from the beginning of the show.

* A piece of paper scrunched into a ball will become animated as it bounces all over Ben’s arms and head before being folded into a paper rose it will effortless float in front of Ben bursting into flames and becoming a real rose.

* A drawing on a sketch pad will come to life and reveal a chosen card as the ink moves and changes shape to form the picture

* Several people will be involved as Ben reads the audience mind and leaves you gasping with a completely unbelievable prediction

"It will certainly be a night all will remember"
- Courier Mail

"Ben is a Shooting Star"
- ER

"To say his show was amazing does not do it justice"
- Kerry Callenbach (Royal Melbourne Hospital)

Ben Murphy is a multi-award winning, Las Vegas style master magician and illusionist. He is Australia's only world record holding illusionist, receiving the title for his incredible death defying escapes from “Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Cell” during his immensely popular production, and sold out season of "Mystique" in the USA. 

Show Specifications:

Vegas Style Illusions:

0-1(option for the Guillotine Illusion)

Magic Effects: 8+
Recommended Audience Size: 20+
Stage Size:

3m x 2m

Show Length: 30 or 40mins
Number of Dancers/Assistants: 0
Number of Backstage Staff: 0
Recommended for:

Any smaller event 20 guests to 250

Performed by: Ben Murphy