Ben Murphy Magic Up Close

Performance Type:
Magic Show

Skills: Magic, sleight of hand, card tricks, money tricks

Magic Up Close is a great way to get your event off to an energetic start by creating some buzz and getting the laughter flowing. Imagine your guests arriving at your function only to be greeted by the warm charm of Ben Murphy - moments before the impossible begins to happen.

Ben Murphy gets right next to you and your guests. In front of your very eyes, a borrowed hanky starts to miraculously levitate and float through the air. A signed $50 note mysteriously disappears and reappears in side of a small locked box that you have been holding the whole time. Even choose to have your guests startled by a drawing of a dangerous crawling funnel web spider shockingly come to life.

All this and more is available at your favourite restaurant, cruise ship or corporate dinner. These incredible magic tricks happen up close and personal amongst your guests, in their hands and on their tables. Magic so strong it’s sure to make you go "That's Impossible!" Only nothing is impossible with Ben Murphy’s magic.

"Fantastic! You where awesome, performed great magic and where the "personality" we where hoping for. Well done on such an amazing job!"
- Kerrie Hosken, Creative Brands

Ben Murphy is a multi-award winning, Las Vegas style master magician and illusionist. He is Australia's only world record holding illusionist, receiving the title for his incredible death defying escapes from “Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Cell” during his immensely popular production, and sold out season of "Mystique" in the USA.