Acrobatics in Waiting

Show Details: Up to 2 hours, 3 performers

Skills: Acrobatics, adagio, slapstick, juggling, egg balancing

Our three waiters blend into the event serving drinks/entrees alongside the staff.  Once guests have arrived, our charming acrobats make more of a scene, audience interaction is guaranteed.

The MC of the night then makes the announcement that the entertainment has had to be cancelled and calls out to the guests for any party tricks while a plan is made. This is where the acrobats pounce. Starting out with funny 'easier' tricks the three waiters crescendo to a high energy, impressive acrobatic act finale.

Acrobats in Waiting is performed by Chris Carlos, Sam Aldham & Jack Coleman who graduated with degrees from the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) and have gone on to produce award winning acrobatic shows, perform nationally and internationally, and tour with Circus Quirkus.
Performance Requirements:
4m x 4m performance space (for end performance)

Performed by: Chris Carlos, Sam Aldham & Jack Coleman