A Bundle of Circus

Show Details: 15 to 20 minutes, 2 performers

Skills: Adagio, acrobatics, juggling, hula hooping

See Matt and Amy perform spectacular juggling and incredible acrobatics in this ‘must have’ show.

Two talented performers will overwhelm the audience with an amazing array of circus skills.  The audience will be captivated by high level adagio (human balances), numbers ball juggling, intricate club passing, and clever hula hooping.  Matt and Amy will leave every person stunned in amazement; A Bundle of Circus is a ‘must have’ show for any event.

A Bundle of Circus is performed by Amy Nightingale-Olsen & Matthew Anderson.  Amy and Matt are prolific performers with years of experience in the circus industry.  Both graduates of the National Institute of Circus Arts, Amy and Matt have performed all around Australia and internationally.  They have performed at countless corporate functions, aboard cruise ships, arts, fringe and circus festivals, theatre shows, and have created independent work.

Performance Requirements:
Minimum 2m x 3m performance space
Minimum 3.5m height clearance
Sound system

Performed by: Amy Nightingale-Olsen & Matthew Anderson