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Fire, Ice and Magic at Valley Lake - 8th July 2012


Fire, Ice & Magic at Valley Lake - 8th July 2012
Cirque Mystique provided the spectacular fiery element at the Fire, Ice & Magic event at Valley Lake. Our talented fire artists performed a range of high calibre fiery skills and were highly appreciated by public attending the fantastic event.








Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - ABC1




Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - ABC1
The incredible abilities of our talented contortionist – Leigh Alicia Marning were put to the test during an ABC episode of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, which featured traditional circus scenes.







Kingston Harvest Festival - 12th May 2012 Kingston Harvest Festival - 12th May 2012
The “Ignite” fire show was a hit at the Kingston Harvest Festival, with festival goers left amazed by the high calibre fire show that combined the talents of two of Melbourne’s best fire performers.


Medibank Icehouse


Circus Performers @ Medibank Icehouse, 31st March – 15th April 2012
During the April school holidays Cirque Mystique is providing roving circus performers at the Medibank Icehouse. Come on down and have a skate and enjoy some circus entertainment along the way!








Toytopia @ Frankston Waterfront, Dec 26th 2011 - 26th April 2012

Cirque Mystique is providing circus shows every weekend at the sand sculpturing exhibition “Toytopia”. Come on down to the Frankston Waterfront and check out our fantastic circus shows, along with some masterful sand creations.






City of Melbourne NYE Celebrations 2011


City of Melbourne NYE Celebrations 2011
Cirque Mystique added to Melbourne’s NYE celebrations providing incredible fire shows outside the Arts Centre. The spectacular fiery displays drew crowds from all around and added to the excitement of NYE.




Hume Weekly - 20th December 2011



Hume Weekly - 20th December 2011
Christmas character “Charlie the Cheeky Elf” featured on the front cover of the December edition of the Hume Weekly. Charlie the Cheeky Elf is a talented circus performer perfect for all Christmas functions.






Bulmer's Blackcurrant Product Launch - 8th November 2011


Bulmer’s Blackcurrant Product Launch - 8th November 2011
Cirque Mystique provided spectacular entertainment at the product launch of Bulmer’s Blackcurrant, with our contortionists and fire performer added a unique twist to the event.




Ben Murphy Live



Ben Murphy “Live”     (New)
With its side splitting twist on the world of magic and a few fully surroundable illusions Ben and his gorgeous assistant will have every audience member buzzing with excitement and joy.

Simply a great choice of entertainment for any sized event. This show has something for everyone!

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Ben Murphy On My Own


Ben Murphy “On My Own”     (New)
Ben Murphy will have your audience laughing the moment he greets them with witty one liners and some seriously out of this world magic that will have you blown away and wondering just how on earth it could be achieved without any assistants or special lighting.

This fantastic show is by far one of our most popular as there is no where this can’t be performed. And as it has no heavy road cases and props-makes it the quick and easy choice for interstate and overseas clients after a 1st class international artist’s show with the minimum of expense and trouble.

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Anthony De Masi’s Incredible Magic Show


Anthony De Masi’s Incredible Magic Show     (New)
A 30 minute magic spectacular - Anthony De Masi performs his greatest tricks ever! Magic from all over the world performed live to your audience. This show has been ten years in the making and it is complete with some of the best effects in magic, circus and comedy. Show includes – card in orange trick, Houdini escape act, unicycling, juggling, card in mouth trick, dove magic, money magic, cigarette in jacket trick and much much more.

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Unbelievable     (New)
An incredible show guaranteed to leave you screaming for more! This show will have you rolling on the floor laughing one moment and staring in disbelief the next.

Filled with some of the cleverest audience participation, some of Las Vegas’s most stunning magical illusions and some never before seen effects and routines.

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Mystique     (New)
In front of your very eyes, without camera or computer tricks, the audience will witness spectacular displays of reality-twisting and mind blowing magical effects. “Master of Illusion Ben Murphy" will astound even the most jaded with his fast-paced escape artistry, comedy magic, audience interaction and out of this world grand illusions.

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